We’re finding at Roundwood that many couples want a more casual feel to their day.  They may or may not want to include some of the traditional formalities we all associate with a wedding reception, however they do want their guests and themselves to feel relaxed. 

Should you have a Receiving Line for guests into your Reception room?

At Roundwood we always show the newly married couple their reception room first, so they can check everything is just how they want it.

Some couples choose to welcome their guests into their room with a traditional Receiving Line which is a great way for everyone to congratulate the happy couple, and does mean they get to speak to everyone there.   Traditionally this included the bride’s parents first to greet guests, followed by the bride and groom and then the groom’s parents.  Nowadays, more often, just the newly weds receive and welcome their guests.

Alternatively, and for a really relaxed feel, guests are invited to take their seats in to the reception room by the Master of Ceremonies.  The happy couple then enter themselves, introduced with their new married titles.

Is your Top Table complicated?!

Families are not necessarily straightforward, and the issue of the top table can cause much anxiety.  If you have family members who just don’t get along, or just too many people to seat, we have found that the best way to keep everyone happy is to have a ‘Sweetheart’ Table.  This is a top table just for the happy couple.

What about Speeches?

Traditionally the formalities and speeches used to follow a sit-down wedding breakfast.  At Roundwood we always recommend you have your speeches before you eat.  This way you can all relax and enjoy your meal.  You can also use this time to give out gifts and thank yous. The traditional order is Father of the Bride, followed by the Groom, then the Best Man.  But this is your wedding!  Don’t be afraid to rewrite the rules.  We’ve enjoyed speeches from a Brides and Maids of Honour at Roundwood, with Grooms who have stayed quiet!  However, if you are just not comfortable with public speaking its acceptable to keep things short and to the point.  But don’t forget the toasts!  All our wedding packages at Roundwood include Prosecco toast drinks!!

Too much jargon?  Too many decisions? 

If you’re finding you don’t know where to start, then contact us and make an appointment to pop in and see us.  From years of experience we know what works, so we’d be very happy to answer your questions, listen to your ideas and help you plan your reception just as you want it so you can relax and enjoy the day.